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Double Diamond Cigars

Pine Cigars carries many different varieties and flavors of Double Diamond filtered cigars. With 10 packs of 20 cigars each per carton, it’s easy to grab your favorites and go. Buy multiple cartons of Double Diamond cigars in different flavors, and you’ll always have plenty of variety available for your smoking pleasure! Choose from several Double Diamond filtered cigar flavors, including Full Flavor, Mild, Grape, Menthol, and Black Cherry. 

We also carry Double Diamond Tip Cigars in Black, Gold or Wine. These cigars come in cartons containing 10 packs of 5 cigars per pack. Order Double Diamond filtered cigars online today and save yourself a trip to your local cigar shop! And when you place an order of $175 or more, you’ll get free shipping -- so it’s worth stocking up. With Pine Cigars, you’ll never run out of your favorite cigars and cigarillos.

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