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If you’re going to be serious about the hobby of cigar smoking, you need to be serious about how you store your stogies! Pine Cigars carries the best cigar humidors that keep your cigars and cigarillos at optimal freshness.

There are several different kinds of humidors to fit different needs and different sizes of cigar collections, but all humidors are designed to keep a humidity level of 68-72 percent so that the cigars inside are able to age well. Desktop cigar humidors can be a beautiful part of your office decor, and glass top humidors show off your prized cigars. And if you have the space and the need for maximum cigar storage, there are cabinet humidors that are crafted from beautiful wood and can accommodate from 300 to 1,250 cigars!

Many people buy humidors online in order to give them as gifts to a cigar-loving friend or relative. Often, they are given along with cigar accessories such as cigar lighters, ashtrays and cigar cutters. If you really want to impress a cigar smoker, stock the humidor with their favorite high quality cigars!

If you’re new to collecting cigars and using a humidor, you’ll need to prepare it before use. To season your cigar humidor, place a dish of distilled water in the humidor until the humidity reading is at 65-70 percent. It may take some time to get to the right humidity level based on the size of the humidor, but wait until it is ready to store your cigars in it.

A high quality humidor will serve you well for many years as it protects your investment in your cigar collection -- and that means you’ll enjoy your cigar hobby more. For the best cigar humidors for sale online, browse our selection here at Pine Cigars!
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