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Even if you love smoking cigars or cigarillos, there’s just something about the feel and taste of smoking a pipe! Tobacco pipes come in many different styles and materials, so pipe smoking is a hobby that can offer a lot of variety. And, of course, there are also many different flavors of pipe tobacco to try to keep things interesting.

Pipe smoking is the oldest method of smoking burning herbs, and archaeological finds suggest that the practice of pipe smoking may go as far back as ancient Egypt. Throughout history, pipes have been created from briars, wood, ceramic materials, clay, corncobs, metal such as lead, gourds, and stone -- sometimes a combination of materials. The “calabash” smoking pipe that has become associated with Sherlock Holmes was traditionally made from a type of gourd called a calabash, but calabash pipes are also often made from wood carved in the calabash shape. (True calabash pipes are lighter than the wooden version.)

In more recent years, pipes have become an art form. Whether you love figural meerschaum pipes or briar pipes with gorgeous burls in the wood, there are plenty of styles of smoking pipes for every taste. 

Whatever your favorite pipe style may be, Pine Cigars makes it easy to buy pipes online. Just shop our selection for quality smoking pipes at great prices!