Choosing the Right Cigar

The right cigar is the cigar that provides you with a pleasurable smoking experience. The draw is just right, and the taste of the cigar stimulates just the right taste buds. Sure, it makes sense to begin with a mild cigar, but the possibilities are endless. The online shopping experience has revolutionized the cigar industry. The selection is greater and the price is better.

Whether you opt for a traditional cigar or a cigar with a plastic or wooden tip, trying a variety of cigars is one of the great pleasures that life has to offer. When your latest shipment of fine cigars is delivered to your door, you just know it’s going to be a great day. Perhaps you’ve decided to try a cigar with a lightly sweetened wood tip for the first time. Many cigar smokers swear that wood tips provide a more comfortable smoking experience.

Cigar Basics

When you relax in your favorite chair, perhaps with a glass of brandy or cognac, the sensation of an aromatic cigar is the pinnacle of true relaxation. Cigar novices should learn the basics, including some of the traditional types of cigars.

The renowned Corona cigar has a 42-ring gauge diameter and measures six inches in length. The Corona features a closed rounded, head and an open foot. The Torpedo has a bulge in the middle, a closed foot and a pointed head. The Perfecto is similar to the Torpedo, but both ends are closed. The famous Panatela is thinner and longer than a Corona. It measures seven inches in length with a 38 gauge diameter. Don’t forget about the Pyramid and the Culebra. They actually braid three Panatelas together to make a Culebra.

Although the uninitiated lump all smokers together, smoking a cigar is nothing like smoking cigarettes. Cigar smoking is all about enjoying the taste and aroma of a fresh cigar. There’s no need to inhale the smoke. Once you learn the proper way to select, store, cut and light a cigar, a good cigar can be savored for several hours.

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