Although Remington filtered cigars are fairly new to the market, they have become an affordable contender in the realm of little cigars. They are one of many filtered cigars that are branded as being a value. With the price of cigarettes rising, people are looking for a better smoke that does not cost an excessive amount of money. Remington filter cigars offer a smooth and mild flavor that is becoming a fast favorite. Cigar smokers do not have to sacrifice the taste of an exquisite cigar, and cigarette smokers can embark on the world of cigars by trying a Remington cigar for the first time.

Choose an Affordable Domestic Cigar
Remington cigars that are filtered are made in America. The filler tobaccos that they use are a secret blend that can be found in an assortment of premium flavors. Try blueberry, white grape, cherry, grape, rum, vanilla, strawberry, peach, menthol, full flavored, chocolate or mild. Since Remington filtered cigars are little cigars, they can be smoked much quicker than a full cigar. This allows cigar smokers to enjoy a quick cigar while on a break at work, directly after dinner, with a glass of wine, and at sporting events. No matter what flavor you choose to try, a Remington cigar is a great way to be introduced to the world of cigars. The smooth draw gives way to a full bodied tobacco with an aroma that is rich. The filters are more like the type found on cigarettes instead of tips that are wood or plastic.

A Vibrant and Reverent Aroma
One of the many reasons cigar smokers continue to smoke cigars is due to the vibrant and reverent aroma that they create. While some tobaccos are sweeter, like grape, peach, and strawberry, others are robust and subtle. For cigar smokers that prefer a subtle flavor try vanilla, or rum. The tastes are barely sweet on your tongue and lips with an aroma that provides a rich scent. The whole purpose of smoking a cigar is going to be different for every cigar smoker. Some prefer the flavors and want a quick smoke that a little cigar provides. Others want a rich and full-bodied experience that takes time to draw from the tobacco so it can be slowly savored. It takes time to work yourself up to a full-bodied cigar. Little filtered cigars made by Remington are the perfect way to embark on the world of cigars.

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