Cigar smoking is a favorite hobby and pastime for many Americans. However, there is one particular cigar that is the unsung hero of the cigar world, the little cigar. Little cigars have not received the recognition they deserve for being a great cigar smoke in a smaller package, they are typically the same size as a cigarette. You can find many different flavors for cigars that are little such as vanilla, raspberry, cherry, peach, chocolate, rum, and sour apple to name a few. There is a plethora of different wrappers and tobacco blends that are sure to tame the cravings of the pickiest cigar smoker. Tobaccos are either fermented or air-cured to give a little cigar a strong taste. The wrappers are usually made from natural leaves and consist of 2/3 of tobacco per its overall weight. The cigar market even boasts small cigars with filters for smokers that prefer the filtered taste.

Standing Out in the Cigar Market
In the past, three times as many cigarettes sold per day in comparison to the same amount of small cigars which took a year to sell in the United States. A little cigar is still the popular choice in most European countries, however. Today the use of cigarettes is declining while sales rise for small cigars. Sales for small cigars have more than tripled since 1997, which proves they are starting to stand out in the cigar market. Another reason small cigars are growing in popularity is that they are easier to smoke and take less than an hour to smoke all the way through. People that are on the go will enjoy a quick cigar smoke that does not tie them down.

An Affordable Smoke
One of the main reasons small cigars stand out is because they are more affordable than their larger counterparts. You can also purchase a little cigar as a single instead of a whole pack if you desire. This makes it easier to try different flavors until you find your favorite. Now you can find the quality tobacco that you will enjoy smoking while saving money. What truly makes a little cigar an unsung hero is the fact that you can look for them online and save even more time and money, which is convenient and cheaper than trying to find a local tobacco shop. When you save money on cigars you will find you have enough to purchase those cigar smoking accessories you have been pining for too. So be sure to look for your favorite small cigars online and choose new flavors to try. You could even purchase enough to share with your cigar loving friends.

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