Have you ever sensed something different with Djarum clove cigars over the other original cigar versions? If you consider yourself a die-hard clove smoker, you’ll come to appreciate the uniqueness of Djarum cigars. This brand of clove cigars come in a variety of flavors so you’ve got lots of options to choose from. Even though some flavors are a bit pricey, you can always get discounted cigars online.

Djarum recently released a new cigar lineup. From there latest release, you’ll find unique cigar flavors like black vanillas and Djarum black cigars. One distinct feature of Djarum black cigars is their wide size. The Bali Hai flavor has a similar size as the black cigars with the only difference being in their fruity taste.

Cherry is another popular flavor of Djarum clove cigars. It’s basically for anyone who enjoys a quality cigar and loves cherries. It has a unique sweetness that sets it apart from many other flavors with a fruity taste. It’s a very string and dominating flavor so anyone who doesn’t enjoy cherry is advised to avoid it. It may not be a suitable cigar version for a new cigar smoker due to the strong flavor.

Djarum also has a line of special cigars for those smokers who wanted something stronger and different. Their specials have a unique burn and lasting feeling and most of them are quite sweet. The sweet little cigars have a pleasant smell and are priced quite reasonably.

Djarum cigars are best bought online especially if you’d like to get all the flavors we’ve mentioned above. While there’s nothing wrong with going to your local cigar shop to find any of the Djarum cigars, buying them online is a more convenient option and also offers you a wide variety of flavors to choose from.

If it’s your first time taking the Djarum cigars start by ordering a smaller pack and then taste it before you decide to make a bigger purchase. These cigars can be expensive but you can always find some great deals by shopping for them online.

Djarum clove cigars are different not just in the way they look but in their taste and richness of flavor. If you’ve never tried clove cigars before, this is one brand you should consider trying out. Having introduced a good number of new flavors, this is one brand you will definitely enjoy smoking.

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