If you are just starting to smoke cigars, it is advisable to start with little cigars that give you a quick smoke verses the traditionally longer smoke of classic sized cigar. It gives you a chance to experience a fine tobacco without overwhelming your first experience of smoking a cigar. Even after you have become accustom to smoking little cigars and have picked up the hobby, you may gradually transition to larger more full-bodied cigars but still enjoy the little cigars for a quick smoke. Wrangle filtered cigars are perfect for smokers that are ready to try cigars for the first time.

The Wrangler Cigar Design
When you want to try a high quality filtered cigar that is full-flavored, Wrangler is your choice of smoke. They are made with a unique blend of tobacco that is rolled in natural tobacco leaves from North Carolina. They provide a smooth smoke that gives an excellent flavor. Wranglers are the little cigar people try that have had a previous bad experience with other little cigars. They truly redeem the little filtered cigar and prove that the taste can be unique and even surpass other top brands. Try their herbaceous flavors, you will not regret the taste that consumes your taste buds and makes you a connoisseur of the mild and woodsy taste.

Different Flavors Compliment Many Palates
While the Wrangler brand of filtered cigar does not come in sweet and fruity flavors, it does come in other flavors such as the full flavored, menthol and blue. All of these flavors are worthy of even the pickiest cigar smoker. When you are looking for little cigar that is high quality, look no further than the Wrangler brand.

The Preferred Little Cigar
Wrangler cigars are so well-constructed that they have become the preferred filtered cigar. They are quite easy to light and provide a draw that enhances your palate and encourages you to take that next draw and savor it. Smokers that are looking to graduate from traditional cigarettes should try Wranglers for a delectable every day smoke. They are also very affordable and can be purchased at your favorite online tobacco website. It just does not get any better than being able to order your preferred filtered cigar from the convenience of the internet. Within minutes you can find discount prices and place your order.

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