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The Legendary Phillies Cigar

Posted by Saleem on 12/4/2014
Phillies Cigars have been around since their inception in 1910. These American made cigars were manufactured in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, originally. Previously they went by the name Bayuk Brothers Cigar Company, but changed to Philadelphia Hand Made Cigars.

The Unsung Hero of the Cigar World: The Little Cigar

Posted by Saleem on 11/28/2014
Cigar smoking is a favorite hobby and pastime for many Americans. However, there is one particular cigar that is the unsung hero of the cigar world, the little cigar. Little cigars have not received the recognition they deserve for being a great cigar smoke in a smaller package, they are typically the same size as a cigarette.

Wrangler Cigars Reign in the World of Filtered Cigars

Posted by Saleem on 11/24/2014

If you are just starting to smoke cigars, it is advisable to start with little cigars that give you a quick smoke verses the traditionally longer smoke of classic sized cigar. It gives you a chance to experience a fine tobacco without overwhelming your first experience of smoking a cigar. Even after you have become accustom to smoking little cigars and have picked up the hobby, you may gradually transition to larger more full-bodied cigars but still enjoy the little cigars for a quick smoke. Wrangle filtered cigars are perfect for smokers that are ready to try cigars for the first time.

What Makes Djarum Clove Cigars Different?

Posted by Saleem on 10/22/2014
Have you ever sensed something different with Djarum clove cigars over the other original cigar versions? If you consider yourself a die-hard clove smoker, you’ll come to appreciate the uniqueness of Djarum cigars. This brand of clove cigars come in a variety of flavors so you’ve got lots of options to choose from. Even though some flavors are a bit pricey, you can always get discounted cigars online.
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