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Tips to Identify Authentic Premium Discount Cigars

Posted by Saleem on 10/17/2014
Premium cigars are handmade by experts by choosing the finest tobacco. Most premium cigars are expensive especially if you opt to buy them at a local fancy cigar store. Good thing is, you can always get premium discount cigars online. Buying quality cigars at a fraction of the cost is not simple. You must be very keen if you’d like to enjoy a high quality product at a discounted price.

Should You Buy Cheap Flavored Cigars Online?

Posted by Saleem on 10/9/2014
There is wealth of cheap flavored cigars on the Internet, often sold at great prices and with a variety of brands to choose from. Online purchases are usually convenient to most people. But as you consider buying your flavored cigars online over your local cigar shop, there’s certain things you need to know about.

Information about Hav-A-Tampa Cigars

Posted by Saleem on 10/6/2014

Hav-A-Tampa cigars have been enjoyed by cigar aficionados since 1901. The brand is recognized worldwide for its distinct flavor and easy draw that is consistent owing to its Birchwood tip. This affordable option offers cigar smokers the opportunity to enjoy a mild but memorable flavor that heightens the experience. It continues to be a top selling favorite for people around the world and the success of this particular brand is attributed to its consistency. The brand was among the initial market entrants to feature the wood tip that offers the advantage of making the cigar is smooth and comfortable to handle.

How to Get the Best Little Cigars Available

Posted by Saleem on 10/2/2014
Little cigars contain various tobaccos and wrappers. There is a wide selection of cigars to choose from with various unique tobacco blends. The cigars have been available for over a century and are popular for being affordable and flavorful. They are regarded as a flavor filled alternative to conventional cigarettes. The tobacco that is typically used in the manufacture of these types of cigars goes through a fermentation process that creates a range of flavors.
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