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Winchester Filter Cigars: A Bold and Powerful Smoking Experience

Posted by Saleem on 12/17/2014
In the world of cigars, the full-bodied and bold flavor of Winchester filter cigars leaves their mark plain and simple.

Swisher Sweets: Setting the Standard for Cigars

Posted by Saleem on 12/15/2014

Swisher Sweets are one of the most well-known and popular cigars on the cigar market today. They have one of the smoothest draws that make a cigar smoking experience simply enticing. Once you have tried Swisher Sweets cigars, you will find that the rest pale in comparison.

Remington: The Affordable Brand of Little Cigars

Posted by Saleem on 12/10/2014

Although Remington filtered cigars are fairly new to the market, they have become an affordable contender in the realm of little cigars.

A Guide to Shopping Online for Premium Discount Cigars

Posted by Saleem on 12/5/2014
Sure you could take the time to find a tobacco shop and drive there so you can browse premium discount cigars. Chances are a local tobacco shop is not going to have many deals waiting for you, however.
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