A cigar is something that is often associated with wealth and indulgence. It is seen as a symbol of luxury and cartoon tycoons are often seen with one poking out the side of their mouth. However this does not necessarily have to be the case. It is not only possible to buy cheap filtered cigars but it also to get the best brands at an affordable price as well.


The first thing to consider is why you would want a cigar with a filter as opposed to one without. It was often considered a tradition that someone smoking a cigar would not inhale the smoke. While this may be pleasurable with the most expensive brands increasingly more people want to buy brands that they can inhale as well.


This is why more companies have brands that also have filters. This means that people can inhale the cigar smoke but without the increased damage to the lungs that can occur with inhaling unfiltered cigar smoke. It also means that something people may enjoy occasionally becomes something they can have more often.


It is also important to emphasize that there are ways of getting better brands at a lower price. Spending less money does not necessarily have to mean compromise in terms of the quality of what you smoke. It is simply a matter of looking at what is available and shopping around.


The crucial trick is to check the companies offering the best price. Online stores are often able to offer cheaper prices because they do not have to pay to run stores in the same way that a high street store does. This also means they are more likely to have a broader range of products such as vanilla, cherry or strawberry filtered cigars. They can also deliver directly to you so you do not have to go out and get them yourself.


Another way to reduce costs is to order in bulk. In general buying a carton of 100 will be cheaper than single packets of 20. When comparing the products available it is worth looking at customer reviews as this will make it easier to find a brand that you are likely to enjoy. With the right approach you will not only get cheap filtered cigars but also the best quality for the cheaper price.


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