Premium cigars are handmade by experts by choosing the finest tobacco. Most premium cigars are expensive especially if you opt to buy them at a local fancy cigar store. Good thing is, you can always get premium discount cigars online. Buying quality cigars at a fraction of the cost is not simple. You must be very keen if you’d like to enjoy a high quality product at a discounted price.

What determines the quality of a cigar?

Identifying high quality cigars is not an easy thing but you’ll learn as you keep making online purchases. Most reputable brands will not make their premium cigars using machines. They have experienced rollers who know how to come up with the perfect filler so that the cigar gives a user the perfect smoke. Machine made cigars may not have the best fillers because it won’t know when to add more or less of the filler. Always make sure you’re purchasing handmade cigars.

Freshness affects taste

A cigar that hasn’t been stored properly will not maintain its great taste. That’s why it is important to make sure any premium discount cigars you buy have been well maintained over the years. You can tell by looking at the cigar wrapper. If you buy a premium cigar online and notice that the taste is somehow different, notify the retailer immediately.

Opt for Cuban cigars

Cuba is known to produce some of the best premium cigars in the world. That’s why you need to consider Cuban cigars when shopping for the right product. Remember that not all Cuban cigars are premiums. Some of them are actually machine made so it’s up to you to research on the cigar you are about to buy. You can opt for the larger sizes of Cuban cigars because these ones are rarely machine made. You can also get milder versions of Cuban cigars which cost less and are best for beginners.

Perform background checks

Since there are so many places that sell premium discount cigars nowadays, it’s always good to have an understanding of the store which you choose to spend your money. In order to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, perform some critical background checks. Make sure the online retailer offers quality cigars in a variety of brands. Read reviews from previous clients and watch out for some red alarms. A good number of positive reviews are a sign that the cigars can be trusted.

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